A Conscious Traveler Guide To New York City

A couple months ago in December I had a chance to fly to New York City with my mom and brother. I’ve been a few times to the city and I thought it would be a good idea to share our trip itinerary of the places we visited. The last time I visited was in 2015 for a photography workshop in Central Park during the fall season. Here are the places I recommend to check out while visiting the big apple. All photos captured on my easy to travel with digital camera Canon Rebelt1i.


It always seems to be the first on the list of things to do. The day was rainy and dark but I’m a big fan of cloudy even light for photos. This year was my first time walking across the whole bridge. For dinner we walked to a coal brick oven pizzaria located under the bridge called Grimaldi’s. The pizza was delicious but if you are a conscious zero waste consumer make sure to bring your bamboo utensils and reusable coffee cups because they only have plastic forks and knives and hot drinks are served in a plastic lined disposable cup. The good news is, effective this year on January 1st, there is a ban on single use styrofoam. Meaning that food service establishments, stores, and manufacturers may not possess, sell, or offer for use single service Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam food service articles or loose fill packaging. A win for the #zerowaste community! The servings are large, so you can definitely expect to take back to your hotel for a late night cold pizza treat.


On the lower west side of of Manhattan you’ll find sustainable food, fashion shops and rows of brownstones townhouses, creating a feeling of singing the Sesame Street song out-loud. Considered an artist haven you can understand why famous artist such as Annie Leibovitz and Edna St. Vincent Millay once called this area of New York home. Lucky for me, during our trip The Citizenry Pop-Up shop, a global responsible home goods was open in “The Village”. Outside the beautiful decorated store windows I could hear a small group of women singing acapella. Not too far from the stores you can wander over to Washington Park. You’ll find street chalk poems, outdoor piano players and the cutest city dogs.


You can’t visit New York without seeing a broadway show. We watched an evening Tony Award winning broadway called Dear Evan Hansen. It was a modern storyline with scenes that made you laugh out loud and cry (make sure to bring a tissue), everybody was crying. If you are not interested in singing theatre there are comedy acts on Broadway at Carolines Comedy Club. We were entertained by Saturday Night Live actress Melissa Villaseñor, a very funny impressionist. Other shows that should be on your bucket list of things to see is Steve Cohen Chamber Magic. He is known as the millionaires magician and has performed for the rich and famous. And if your travelling with children they will love The Radio City Hall Rockettes. 


Below you will find some photos of what you may find in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The collections represent over 5000 years of human creativity. This was a place I could come back to over and over again. The incredible details in the work displayed, you could tell would take an artist years to complete. One of the halls of gallery was designed floor to ceiling to give you an experience of walking through the Palace of Versailles in Paris. My husband and I visited Versailles for our honeymoon and when I walked into the rooms a flood of those memories were enjoyed.


Our last day in the city started early with the sun creeping on the tops of the city buildings. We had to rise early to be the first group to skate on the rink at the rock centre. It was nice because there were not a lot of people and hot chocolate available when you were ready to sit down. I would highly recommend reserving the first skate of the day. After our skate we ate breakfast at Pershing Square near Grand Central Train Station. When you first step in you think it is going to be this little cafe, but looks are deceiving. A good place if your feeling like pancakes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post of things to do and see in New York City. No matter what season it is, it’s a great city to visit and play in. Thank you to my mom and brother for letting me tag along and sharing with me my first street falafel sandwich experience.

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