I can’t believe I am finally posting my first blog post on a personal project I have been working on since the spring. Each session I hope will bring awareness to all the mothers who may be going through the same feelings or challenges of parenthood;  A way to help others to not feel alone in their experiences;  That it is ok to feel confused or uncertain of who you are after having kids. Overall I want to help mothers to regain a sense of self love and confidence.  I want to share these mothers stories and images to demystifying motherhood beauty. Thank you Chantelle for sharing your experience of motherhood and I am honoured to share your story and beautiful photos of you with others.
How many kids do you have and how old are they? 
Just one, right now. She just turned two in May.
Describe your birth story/stories?
Did you have any complications? I was okay with not having a birth “plan.” I just really wanted anything but a C-section. Well, when I was 7cm dilated they found out she was breech, and they don’t deliver breech at Northumberland Hills Hospital – so a C-section it was. I’m okay with it now, and all that matter was mom + baby were safe, but I did have a hard time with it in the first couple weeks following. I was disappointed, felt a bit “ripped off”, and the healing process was so slow.
If you have kids over a year what challenges do you find you have now?
The terrible two’s struggle is real. Tantrums. Public tantrums. But always just have to remind myself that they are learning SO much and sometimes that means testing our boundaries.
Any events, experiences or stories you can share with others that you feel may help a soon to be mothers what to expect?
A bit on miscarriage — The day before this session I found out I was pregnant with our second baby. We were SO excited, and the timing was perfect. A November baby meant my busy wedding season (as a photographer) was over, and I would have lots of downtime before the next wedding season started to spend with the sweet babe. Fast forward a couple weeks and we found out at our first ultrasound that the chances of us losing the baby to miscarriage were very high. Confusion and disappointment flooded my every thought. It was so hard not to blame myself, when even the doctor said it was likely caused by gene malformation because he could see that the pregnancy was not progressing as it should have been. We ended up losing the baby over the next few weeks. Since then, the past three months have been a definite rollercoaster. No one talks about miscarriage until you bring it up. I stopped hiding behind it and mentioning it when people asked if we were planning to have a second baby. Yeah, we were.. but unfortunately we just miscarried. That simple sentence opened much needed conversation. People opened right back up with me, sharing “Oh, I’m so sorry you’re going through that, we’ve miscarried in the past as well.” “Oh, my sister struggles with miscarriages.” “Oh, my girlfriend just miscarried this month as well.” As horrible as it was hearing that all these women were going through such sad times as well, it was SO nice to hear that it wasn’t just me – I didn’t do anything wrong. My body took longer than expected to recover, which added to the difficulty, with not being able to try again and regain hope, but it will all work out. And I’m more grateful than ever to have a sweet little two year old to kiss and hug every moment I get!