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Mary and Stef are on a mission to build a community of like minded individuals who value health, wellness, and sustainable living. I had the pleasure to meet these two plant loving sisters and spend sometime together styling, creating and capturing their – Do It Yourself easy coffee face scrub and french clay mask. You can find these and many other organic home made recipes at They also have some mouth watering food and drink recipes you should try out. With Creative Change DIY branding images our plan was to keep it simple, textured and organic.

Mary and Stef have used their images on their blog, profile photos and social media posts. One post was featured on a popular instagram account with a large audience of 28K + followers. @zero.waste.nest. It is always great to see small accounts being recognized and shared with larger similar audiences. As a mom, I absolutely love their eco-friendly lifestyle blog and happy to support their wish for low impact living.

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