Destination Wedding Photographer | New York City Central Park Anniversary

In October I traveled to New York City with my mom to attend Julie Paisley Click and Chat workshop. It was a wonderful experience meeting someone who’s work I admire and feel inspired by. Bonus that I could spend it with someone I love! If you are wondering what did I learn during my workshop experience. I learned that I am confident in myself and style and how I pose couples. I learned that even though my camera malfunctioned and one of my dials was not working, I was still able to capture beautiful images (even if I had to go the long way around with setting my buttons). I learned that I really need to put my fears aside and just be me and not be afraid of what other people might think of me. What I think makes Julie Paisley, is she does not pretend to be anyone else but herself. With big hugs when you first meet her to letting you know her own struggles of feeling like she was doing too much. Cheers to being different, standing out and doing what you love!


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