Lifestyle Fashion and New Collection Launch with Cedar + Vine

Cedar + Vine is a slow fashion brand for the intentional woman. Designer Jo Stewart’s wardrobe collection is linen garments that embody quality and timeless design. I was absolutely thrilled when asked to be a part of this amazing creative team studio and partner with their branding team to create a collection of lifestyle images. Learn more about the women and sewing team here: Cedar + Vine Studio

A while ago I originally asked Jo to join me in my studio for a clothing swap event during the summer to be a guest speaker. There, we connected with our stories and beliefs and what sustainability meant to us. I’m in love and inspired by everything about this clothing collection and have worn the shorts romper during summer fun events and wondered why have I never worn linen before? My body could breath and I felt so relaxed.

Cedar + Vine’s new collection of collared jumpsuits, tops and jackets are the pieces you are missing in your minimal capsule wardrobe. The collection is honestly pieces of art with beautiful details and a variety of ways you could wear one of Jo’s pieces in any season.

We planned an overnight stay in one of Prince Edward County’s best Air B n B’s, Sanctuary In the County, 150-year-old renovated church lovingly restored to a more modern and bright atmosphere. The perfect setting for Cedar + Vine’s brand and style. I carried with me boxes/bags of lifestyle props and met with Caitlin from Cylinder Studio in downtown Picton to not only add to my personal kitchen wares but to borrow a couple of intentional pieces for the photoshoot. Working with the model Ashlyn, I could see why she is the face of Cedar + Vine’s clothing. Altogether the perfect place, clothing and model can only be described as a magical experience and I want to relive it over and over. A full-day with a short lunch break we were able to photograph all the new pieces of Cedar and Vines Collection.

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