Living Sustainably, Consciously, Simply & Slow

Sustainable is defined as a resource or an activity that is able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. In the business world sustainability is known as a financial term, referring to how a company or business can continue their systems to keep making profits. Currently there is a shift, and sustainability is becoming more commonly known in the business world. That is, to help maintain the earth’s natural balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources and disruption of environment systems. We depend on natural resources such as growing food and clean drinking water to keep humans alive and healthy. Have you heard of the phrase ‘money makes the world go around?’ I think money is only good in the hands of the right people. The ones who care about their impact and how they will affect future generations. Sadly, our society has become disconnected from the source of the clothes we wear and the food we eat. It becomes harder and harder to really understand or know where things are being made, especially with companies who are marketing and selling products that are not truly sustainable (Greenwashing). Right now we are on the path of consuming the earth’s resources too quickly to maintain the lives of humans and all animals. Our buying behaviour needs to change and we need to start buying seasonally, simple and slow.

What does it mean to live a conscious, simple and slow lifestyle? It’s living intentionally and different from what is considered normal and how society usually tends to buy and consume. It’s about living day to day and finding your own way that works for you, while being mindful about what you bring into your home and the food you eat. I believe it is about choosing to live a simple and slow lifestyle which is organic, ethical and sustainable.

How will you leave your impact in this world? My hope is you leave a soft footprint. Try practising sustainable living by intentionally shopping with small businesses or repurposing things that are broken. Convenience buying over supporting hand made products has led our society to be less appreciative, and supportive of unethical business practices. Some of the worst effects are the people who suffer from modern day slavery. Listen to New York Times, ( Human Toll On Instant Delivery)

My goal with my business is to help inspire changes in peoples behaviour and to become more mindful of products we use, buy and consume everyday. Working with businesses who are rewiring their business approach to help create a world with less waste, treat animals and each other with dignity, and fair living wages.

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