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Ethical influencer marketing to build

brand awareness and inspire a kinder world.

Looking for a creative partner to help you promote your ethical products or services with visual storytelling, artfully crafted marketing campaigns, and social media content that sparks conversations for positive change?


When you’re looking to bring more creativity and depth to your social media content and marketing campaigns, my 8+ years of experience as an art director can help you spread your mission in style and turn your brand platform into a force for good.


One of the biggest challenges brands face in an influencer-saturated online market is finding partners who can genuinely represent their values and have more to offer than a big following. In me, you’ll find a strategic collaborator with the creative eye and the professional photography skills to tell your brand story through an authentic lens.


Beyond being a published lifestyle and product photographer, I’m an advocate for conscious consumerism and a brand ambassador for ethical businesses.


What I’m most passionate about is helping changemakers like you in the fashion, beauty, food, interior design, artisan, and wellness industries craft visual stories that grow your business and your impact.


I truly believe that when brands educate their communities on how our collective action can impact the future of the planet, this causes a ripple effect by inspiring others to follow their lead.








Women, ages 25-45, Canada + United States

The Haley Photography audience has grown organically. We have never bought followers, giving our partners access to an audience with higher levels of trust and real engagement.



Slow and sustainable living, minimalism, ethical fashion, eco-friendly products, veganism, clean beauty, conscious consumerism, environmental activism






+ Get in front of a targeted audience that shares your passion for positive change and is eager to support brands championing a good cause.
+ Inspire more sales with real product and service reviews that are paired with professionally shot, styled, and edited images.
+ Tap into my collaborative network when you need models, florists, stylists, and other creative professionals to create a cohesive marketing campaign under my art direction.
+ Engage your ideal audience with story-driven, informative captions and articles that align with their values and promote an ethical lifestyle.
+ Build brand awareness with a collection of images you can use for blog story features, ads, product launches, seasonal offers, and marketing campaigns.
+ Capture your brand’s minimalistic aesthetic with imagery that elevates your product or service without unnecessary clutter and decoration.
+ Relax knowing your products will be shipped back the next business day post-photoshoot, so your inventory won’t miss them for long.


"Thank you for the pictures you took of our products. They were incredible and have greatly helped to legitimize and bring our brand to life. You are so incredibly talented. The whole team is so happy right now. We really appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you a million! -


I’d love to chat with you about what you’re envisioning! All collaborations are subject to approval and customized based on your marketing goals. To partner with me, please send more info about your ethical product or service to and I’ll get back to you about setting up a time to chat.

Instagram: @mrs_haley_photography

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