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What I love the most about engagement session is really capturing who couples are. When Noel and Bennet shared their engagement story I had suggested bringing their comfy, relaxing clothes to the engagement session. I believe it truly reflected their personality. Of course it is always fun to get dolled up and looking sharp for your photos, but it is just as much fun getting a little less formal and relaxed.

Noel and Bennet’s Engagement story:

Thanksgiving we drove 5 hours north to Manitoulin Island in hopes of chasing some northern lights in the dark park reserve (Gordon’s Park Eco Resort).

He bought a new tent to sleep in (Batman’s Cottages and Campground). I bought a new wide angle lens for the nightsky. We went on a 12km hike at the Cup and Saucer trail. We had hotpot for dinner outside as we watched the sunset. 

No northern lights because the skies were clear and the moon was just too bright. We froze a little with everyone else as we stargazed, learned about asterisms, constellations and saw the moon real close.

Afterwards, we were a little disappointed but decided we’ll just have our own fun with some slowshutter glowstick drawing. Just as I ran out of ideas of what else to draw or write, Bennet had one more photo.

What happened afterwards was as clear as the photo… flustered, I replied with my own drawing.  He gifted me the prettiest star a girl could ever ask for.


Make-Up and Hair: Katie-Lynn Hair and Make Up

Location: Brand Ambition Studio Loft