Tuesday Wedding Tips – FOR THE GROOM TO BE

I see a lot of photography tips for the brides and what they should think about for their wedding day, but today I thought I would share with you a wedding photography tip for the groom. With literally everyone owning a cellphone now I have noticed a few times during our wedding day coverage that some of the grooms and their groomsmen will forget they have their cellphone in their pants. On a wedding day it can be very hectic and as a professional photographer there are many things to look for, consider and check to make sure your photos look the very best. It is very distracting when you see this big bulge in the pant pocket. Things you could consider is someone to hold onto cellphones like MOG (Mother of the Groom) with purses or have an official text messenger (someone who may not be in many photos) before the bride and groom see each other. That person can relay any messages from the bride to be. If you are planning your upcoming wedding I hope this Tuesday Tip is useful. Here are a couple shots of  a handsome groom and his groomsmen at the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa.


This photo is an example of what I am talking about.