Intimate Vegan Cottage Wedding in Haliburton Ontario

I am so grateful to Peter and Kiley for hiring me to photograph their wedding day at their family cottage in Haliburton. Peter and Kiley are a couple who care just as much as I do about animal cruelty/social responsibility and infused those values into their wedding day with their closest family and friends (Just enough people to not sink the dock). This wedding holds a special place in my heart and I wanted to take this time to share my own experiences since deciding to change my diet about a year and a half ago. I had to have my gallbladder taken out a couple years ago and it was around the time the food and environmental documentaries were coming out on Netflix. I never thought I could do it but I came across and never looked back.  Often at weddings I am usually the only one who has ordered a vegetarian meal faced with a circle of beef or chicken plates. The wedding guest, who I just met that day, often have a look of confusion and start firing questions at me on my decision to order what seems like the unlikely option. It is not an easy lifestyle change, especially when all your family and friends can’t understand how you can give up bacon. Now to figure out what your going to feed your guest was probably the biggest challenge for Peter and Kiley, but the caterer provided the best wedding meals many stated they ever had. Peter and Kiley’s day could be best described as very laid back, casual, and elegant with some tears of joy and sweet love. The evening was not like you typical dance jam, but filled with homemade desserts and a social gathering around a small beach fire.

Wondering what delicious meals to serve your guest at your vegan wedding? Here is a list of options the caterer (Alexis and Collin) sent to Peter and Kiley when planning their meals.

Alexis – Insta Account: @raisintheroot

Collin –

Passed/Platter Apps
pho pia sod: rice paper, shredded greens, grated carrots, ginger, peach, vermicelli, cilantro
lettuce wraps: smoked tofu, olives, onion, aquafaba aioli, sriracha, daiya shreds
savoury pie wheels: mushrooms, shallots, sweet peppers
stuffed cremini mushrooms: sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, basil, tahini, lime
garlic potato-kale cakes: potato, kale, scallions, cashew cream
baked cauliflower ‘wings’: buffalo style and/or sesame-soy-gingercrudite plate: fresh seasonal veg, spicy-smoked hummus, roasted red pepper-cashew dip, mango-
avocado saucebeet carpaccio: beets, arugula, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar

massaged kale: kale, pomegranate seeds, toasted pine nuts, avocado (tahini-lemon-tamari dressing)
classic potato: potatoes, pickles, fresh dill, green onion, aquafaba mayo, chives, black pepper
mixed rainbow: grilled zucchini, glazed beets, fresh tomatoes, capers, minced basil, nasturtiums
beet slaw: beets, apples, currants (apple vinaigrette)
southwest: charred corn, black beans, quinoa, roasted garlic, tomato, green onion (basil-lemon

zucchini noodles with avocado-basil cream
sweet potato noodles with cashew-alfredo sauce

cabbage steaks: garlic-rubbed, grilled cabbage with marinated portobello & sweet BBQ sauce
stuffed bell peppers: tofu, broccoli, coconut curry
poblano-black bean fritter: charred poblano, sweet potato, black bean, oats

smokey coconut squash: coconut milk, chipotle, seasonal squash
roasted brussel sprouts: maple syrup, bragg’s, dijon, garlic, candied pecans
balsamic glazed root vegetables: beets, cabbage, parsnips, onion, walnuts
butternut squash risotto: brown rice, butternut squash, cumin, paprika, tahini
eat your greens: braised swiss chard, steamed broccoli, green beans, lemon & garlic

fresh fruit with avocado-cacao pudding
cherry-rhubarb-pecan cups
baked apple tart
beet-chocolate cake with coconut frosting
frozen nut butter cups with raw (or dark) chocolate
Late Night Snacks
deep fried guacamole
chipotle mac n cheese cups
caesar salad with spicy chickpea croutons

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