Visual Branding with Berry Hill Food Co.

There is always a feeling of joy when you are surrounded by your favourite foods. Good quality food is becoming more important for our health and it’s healing benefits. In an Oshawa 1920’s historic building, you’ll find a creative and inspiring chef along side her husband who are locally sourcing all their organic food for their restaurant called Berry Hill. Providing hand-made cocktails, organic teas, and mouthfuls of fresh flavourful goodness. It’s no doubt that foods with recognizable ingredients are healthier for you and people are becoming not only increasingly aware/mindful of what is going into their bodies, but also where foods are grown or cared for. It’s becoming a unique opportunity for sustainable food brands to clearly define what they stand for, communicate the nutritional and environmental importance by sharing their unique food brand story.

When I first sat down with chef Sarah Groen to chat about what kind of photos we could create together, she shared her story with me of how Berry Hill came to be. Sarah, a graduate from George Brown College, grew her culinary experience when she was hired to work as a chef on a private yatch in the Caribbean Islands. In her spare time she would take sailing lessons where she first met her instructor, now husband. Together, they came back to her home town in Oshawa to start their family and opened their store in April 2013.

Sitting in the restaurant you get a sense of a casual but chic vibe. With modern art and cool open backyard patio where Sarah hopes to even host a small wedding one day. Her thoughtfulness of becoming more eco-friendly in her catering had me so excited to hear. Sarah plans to replace plastic bottled water with iced pitchers of water/juices and GreenStripe® Cold Cups. The cups are made from Ingeo™ bioplastic, and are 100% renewable and compostable. A perfect example of business taking small steps to change what has become societal norms.

Inviting Sarah to my downtown Whitby photo studio was so much fun. It was incredible watching her design food plates like an artist with a paint brush. Working with stylist House of Rue we created dark and lighter scene sets to give the sense of the RAW farm to table feel. Sarah brought handmade wood boards, eclectic dish-ware, and we added kitchen homewares with organic foraged flower accents. Sarah wanted to make sure the meals expressed friends coming together at a table and sharing variety of simple foods that lead to great conversations. Below is a small collection of lifestyle photos we created. Sarah is using these new photos for her marketing and business cards.

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