Whitby Photography Studio Lifestyle Family Session

What is a lifestyle family session? It’s working with families to create non-traditional portraits in a less posed but more creative and emotional process. Playing, interacting and talking with each other while I get to learn about the stories of your life and how it has led you to moments worth documenting.  I believe a family sessions should not be stressful because your children are full of love and laughter and really do not understand the purpose of standing still and looking at the camera. Instead of the old look at me and say cheese I will sing songs or ask the little ones questions about their favourite activities. For babies who can not talk yet it’s more about you as parents and how you work together as a young growing family. Do you ever ask yourself when was the last time you had professional photos of you and your best friend? I bet it was before kids! Ultimately my goal is to showcase your love and connection with each other. No matter where we are whether it is outdoor, in-home or my little studio, what really matters is the people you are with. The ones you live your LIFE with and love with all your heart and soul.


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Durham Region Family Photographer
Durham Region Family Photographer
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